It starts

Alright, so we’re trying to get this thing going on! Wow.. own homepage! What should I talk about first… oh yes, the name. Soluna Images. Weird, huh? We thought that Untouchable photography was a bit too long, and Samuli said that he would like that the name would emphasize how our style is so similiar yet they complete each other. Like yin and yang? I asked. And suddenly it came to me.

Sun is our primary equipment when we shoot, but we enjoy the light of the moon and stars too. I have a cat named Luna (she looked magical and she has a pattern of a full moon in her butt!), that’s why she was named after the moon. We’ve also been thinking about getting a dog at some point and have joked about naming him Sola. So I suggested if we could come up with something like Lunasola.. then Samuli googled a bit and found that there actually is a term Solunar theory, which means that the action of the sun and the moon influences the activity of all living beings in nature. It sounded perfect. Also in a Finnish mouth Soluna means “as a cell”. It’s also some kind of cough medicine, haha! However, I think it fits us perfectly. Soluna Images. Soluna



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