Construction, part I

We’re finally getting a hold on the site and starting to undestand about adding galleries and pictures. One big problem is that this site doesn’t seem to like Safari so much. I’m having hard time constructing this site with my Mac and I have to view most of the changes through my PC laptop.

However, today we added quite a lot of shots to the galleries. I really like the portrait part, I love all my models and always remember how fun it was working with them when we took the photographs. There’s something opposite with the landscapes, though. I hate most of my landscape shots, while Samuli’s landscape pictures are excellent. He really knows how to use contrast and colours and make a simple and interesting composition. I want to blame my old wide angle Sigma that does horrible distortion, chromatic aberration and vignetting to the images. But I know the most fault happens behind the camera, not inside it. Somehow yet I think my solitude images are pretty good. Why is it that a person in the picture makes the landscape so much better?


However, even with a small downer from the fact that I’d love to have better landscape shots, it’s so great to see how this site is building up! Like when you see couple of snowflakes falling and suddenly you see car-shaped piles of disturbing cold white material everywhere. Wait.. that wasn’t too positive, was it?

I’m probably going to design some kind of logo for us this week if I have the energy.

Keep on rockin’!


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