The Circle meets it’s point

It was October 2012. I had broken up with my ex-boyfriend and I had decided I would not miss out of life anymore. I would find my own things that I enjoyed. And I would be more courageous, not afraid of the city anymore. That meant going out to events and explore the city.

These lines that ran through my unconsciousness forced me to go to light festival of Linnanmäki. On a very cold and dark night I grabbed my camera and went to the festival. With my frozen fingers I pushed the button when I saw this enchanting carousel. I had no tripod back then, and with the little technical knowledge I had I was able to capture this.


(picture up taken October 2012)

The picture isn’t very good but it’s meaningful to me, thus the clouds behind are a nice twist. This was one of the first night shots and I think it’s the pole of where things started to go towards this path where I am now. In many ways. Couple of days later I posted this picture on Facebook and Samuli commented it. After that I begun a Facebook chat with him that was our first conversation in 2 years and it was also pretty much our first real conversation ever. We met quite soon after that.

A year after that I went to the light festival again. My first thought was that I have to go and take a photograph of the same carousel. Just to see how much progress I had made compared to the one I took a year ago. This time I was at the carnivale with Samuli and I had just bought a tripod. Ironically it broke first thing we got to the festival area, but I was still able to use it.


(picture up taken October 2013)

A little artistic freedom never hurt anyone, right? That year the October wasn’t that cold.

This year we went to the light carnivale again, and this time It was friggin cold again. To be honest, I just wanted to go straight to the carousel and photograph it again, to see if my skills had developed from the one I took in 2013. Here’s what I captured:


(picture up taken October 2014)

So in a way, I guess here’s where the circle ends and begins again.

But before I end this post, I did promise that this year would be for portraiture..


This was just a try, that’s why we didn’t care about the camera bags that much. The real thing will be produced this weekend!

See you around!


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