Emotions of fall

When autumn arrives and the vacations are over, many Finnish people feel their minds slowing down and get a feeling of depression. The phenomenon of autumn depression may have been exaggerated, but it’s not completely fiction. When the fall goes forward people with autumn depression may experience unhappiness, pain, weight gain, lack of energy and feel antisocial.

This may be or may not depend of the life situation of the person. Even people who have had recent happy life events might feel that the season is affecting their mood.

This picture series represents that emotion. Even when the autumn may be full of beautiful events and the person is beautiful, healthy and otherwise happy, he or she might be a prison of their mind and may want to isolate themselves.

Huge thanks to Laura for volunteering in this project! I’d like to emphasise that Laura is not depressed. In fact it was quite hard for her to make a sad face when her mouth really just wants to smile all the time, she’s one of the most joyful people I’ve ever met 🙂 Huge thanks to Samuli also for helping with the lighting!


Model: Laura Jalkanen










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