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“Then the singing enveloped me. It was furry and resonant, coming from everyone’s very heart. There was no sense of performance or judgment, only that the music was breath and food.” 
― Anne Lamott, Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith
Do you ever experience this Anne Lamott’s description the other way around? Yes, you got me, I’m talking about listening, but not only that.
Here’s one of my experiences when I was taking a walk near my previous home. I walked alongside a river on beautiful summer evening in golden light, listening to shuffled tracklist.
The music warmed me up giving me a sensation of falling. I felt like my head could explode into zillions of light particles that the wind would carry around. Everything seemed possible, the world seemed to open up and offer me everything. They feeling rocked me in the air and if something would have killed me that moment I would have died happy. I saw how all the words you ever need to be able to express yourself are out there. How all the sound  you ever need to make good music are out there. All the equipment are there -to make anything you would ever want. All is possible. I got so overwhelmed that I wondered why anyone ever does drugs.
Sometimes I can just listen to music, close my eyes and see colours and pictures forming in front of me. This was when I started to think how wonderful it was if there could be a reverse way of experiencing this, a way we could hear paintings and pictures. After this realization I started to compose music for some of my pictures.
Now, I’m not a very good music maker. I composed some songs during university but I hated almost all of them! It was the most horrible music I had ever heard. If one of my songs stuck into my head I felt inviting to hit my head with a toilet seat. There always seemed to be some tunes inside my head that I wasn’t able to get out correctly. The guitar always changed them. The guitar didn’t have a correct tone to match the mood. And the songs were always very moody.
These days I play guitar a lot better than back those days, but my main compose machine is my launchkey. It’s still quite a new equipment for me, but I love to learn new things and I think it gives me a bit more freedom in the process of compose. If you play piano, you get a different kind of inspiration compared to guitar. Sometimes just a certain new instrument can inspire. You hear a couple of chimes, and you just kind of know what you’re going to make.
But however, the most important thing to me these days is that I dont hate my music anymore. It may pop into my head and I can listen to it and feel proud that it’s a piece that doesn’t make me want to cut my ears off. I guess it’s also because my style is more mature these days, even though my music is still quite emotional.
Here’s a piece that I felt for a sad yet energetic picture, coloured with blue or purple. It was named “Hope”. It was one of the very first things I composed with my midi keyboard. Don’t worry,it’s not very long. You can’t even call it a song, really.


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